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Shower Steamer
Amber House Soaps

Shower Steamer

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Enjoy an aromatherapy experience in your shower. Simply place the steamer on the floor of the shower between your feet. The water activates the steamer to fizz and release the blend of menthol and essential oils which is carried by the steam to fill the space with invigorating fragrance. Use at your discretion as some tiles may become slippery. Shower Steamers are a single-use product. 

Aromatherapy Fragrances

Relax: Lavender Essential Oil

Recharge: Peppermint Essential Oil

Refresh: Orange Essential Oil

Unplug: Rosemary & Eucalyptus Essential Oils


2 ounces

Ingredients:  Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Menthol, Coconut Oil, Isopropyl Alcohol, Distilled Water, Peppermint Essential Oil.