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Free shipping $75 and up. Orders ship every Monday.
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About Us

Amber House Soaps

It may surprise you to learn that Amber House Soaps is owned and operated by a lady named Amanda. I'm asked all the time why I named it Amber instead of Amanda. This business is like a fourth child to me. I gave my other three children their own names, so it only seemed right! 

My family moved into a fixer-upper in 2009 on a piece of land in Central California located on Amber Avenue. As we lovingly repaired our home over many months, we referred to her as The Amber House. The nickname stuck and since my business started in my home kitchen in 2012 it made perfect sense to me! I now operate my studio in a dedicated building that I of course have named The Amber House. We have grown to a staff of three to meet the demands of packaging and labeling, but all products are created from scratch by my own two hands.

This business is a dream come true and I am passionate about bringing joy and self-care to the beautiful people who choose to purchase my products. 

Thank you for your support!